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Olessia (Elena) Koltsova

Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, St. Petersburg School of Social Sciences and Humanities , HSE – St. Petersburg

Research Interests: sociology of the Internet and of mass communication, political communication, online interpersonal communication, online social networks, text mining, big data analysis and modeling

Email: olessia.koltsova@gmail.com


Research Fellows

Sergey Koltsov

Deputy Director
Associate Professor, Department of Applied Mathematics and Business Informatics, St.Petersburg School of Economics and Management, HSE – Saint Petersburg.
PhD in Physics

Research Interests: Mathematical modeling in different fields:electronic/ionic optics,mass spectrometry, gas dynamics,topic modeling, sentiment analysis, neural networks; processes on the Internet.

Email: kol-sergei@yandex.ru

Alexander Porshnev

Associate Professor, PhD in Pedagogical Psychology, Department of General and Strategic Management

Research Interests: Mathematical models and data mining in psychology, marketing and management (including social network analysis, cluster, factor, regression analysis and machine learning methods). Decision-making methods and decision-making psychology, Natural language processing, Pedagogical psychology, Cross-cultural psychology, Mental processes and states.

Email: aporshnev@hse.ru
Larisa Mararitsa 

Senior research fellow, Phd in social psychology, executive commitee member in Humantech company (Digital Freud)

Research Interests: computational psychology, cognitive social psychology, social capital, online communication, social intelligence, networking strategies, group psychology
Vera Ignatenko
Junior Research Fellow, PhD

Research interests: dynamical systems, ordinary delay differential equations, bifurcation theory, mathematical modeling.

Yadviga Sinyawskaya

Junior Research Fellow, PhD student at Department of Sociology, St. Petersburg School of Social Sciences and Humanities, HSE – St. Petersburg
MA in Social Psychology (Saint Petersburg State University)

Research Interests: Internet Studies, social psychology, online communication and online behavior, online privacy, SNA, online experiments

Email: yasinyawskaya@mail.ru


Sergey Pashakhin

Research intern, PhD student at Department of Sociology, St. Petersburg School of Social Sciences and Humanities, HSE – St. Petersburg
MA in Sociology (HSE – St. Petersburg)

Research interests: internet communication, social problems, discourse analysis, inequalities.

E-mail: pashakhin@gmail.com
Tsimokha Dmitriy
Research intern, student of bachelor's programme in  Sociology and Social Informatics (HSE – St. Petersburg)

Research interests: social psychology, social networks, data visualization
E-mail: dstsimoha@edu.hse.ru
Maria Sergeeva

MA in Sociology, HSE – Saint Petersburg

Research Interests: Internet research and social network analysis

Email: mnsergeeva@hse.ru

Vladimir Filippov

Analyst (Software developer)

Research Interests: Opto-electronic engineering, lasers, and industrial standards for transmitting information.



Laboratory Manager

 Alina Kolycheva

PhD student at Department of Sociology, HSE – Moscow

Research Interests: sociology of education, sociology of professions, sociolinguistics

Email: avkolycheva@hse.ru


Research Associates

Олег Нагорный

Oleg Nagornyy
PhD student at Department of Sociology, St. Petersburg School of Social Sciences and Humanities, HSE – St. Petersburg 

MA in Sociology (HSE – St. Petersburg)

Research interests: Internet data analysis, text mining, natural language processing, social networks analysis, social theories.

E-mail: nagornyy.o@gmail.com
Dmitry Ignatov

Associate Professor, School of Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence, Faculty of Computer Science, HSE
Research Fellow, International Laboratory for Intelligent Systems and Structural Analysis, Faculty of Computer Science, HSE
PhD in Mathematical Sciences

Research Interests: Formal Concept Analysis, Frequent (Closed) Sets and Association Rules Mining, Biclustering, Triclustering and Multi-dimensional Clustering, Graph Mining
Educational Data Mining, Recommender Systems, Analysing Social Resource Sharing and Crowdsourcing Systems.

Email: dignatov@hse.ru

Yuri Rykov

Research Fellow at the Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine, Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)
PhD in Sociology

Research Interests: Digital health, digital phenotyping, online communities and health behavior, online health communication, health informatics, social capital and health, social contagion, social network analysis, Internet Studies, Web Science
Email: rykyur@gmail.com

  Svetlana Alekseeva

Junior Research Fellow
Junior Research Fellow at the Laboratory for Cognitive Research, Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Saint Petersburg State University

Research Interests: Psycholinguistics, corpus linguistics, and computational linguistics.

Email: mail@s-alexeeva.ru



Tatyana Yefimova

Head of Student Office, Faculty of Sociology, HSE – St. Petersburg

Research Interests: Sociology of Mass Communications, Sociology of Mass Media, Sociology of Youth, Methods of Sociological Research, Political Sociology.

Email: tgefimova@hse.spb.ru


Past Research Fellows

Воронцов К.В.Konstantin Vorontsov

Professor of Joint Department with Yndex, Big Data and Information Retrieval School, HSE
Doctor of Sciences in Theoretical Foundations of Computer Science

Research Interests: mathematical methods.
Sergey Nikolenko

Associate Professor, Department of Applied Mathematics and Business Informatics, St.Petersburg School of Economics and Management, HSE – St. Petersburg 
Research Fellow at the Laboratory of Mathematical Logic of the St.-Petersburg Department of the Steklov Mathematical Institute 
Research Director, Surfingbird 
Adjunct Professor,  Academic University, St. Petersburg 
PhD in Mathematics

Research Interests: Probabilistic graphical models, machine learning, recommendation systems, bioinformatics, computational complexity theory, theoretical cryptography, circuit complexity, algebra (Chevalley groups), and algebraic geometry (theory of motives).

Email: snikolenko@hse.ru, snikolenko@gmail.com

Svetlana Bodrunova

Senior Research Fellow
Head of the Department of Media Design and Information Technologies at Saint Petersburg State University
PhD in Political Science

Research Interests:History of European journalism, journalism and politics in modern democracies, new media,mediacracy theory, and e-democracy.

Email: spasibo-tebe@yandex.ru

Vladimir Pyrlik 

PhD student at Charles University (Prague, Czech Republic)
PhD in Economics

Research interests: financial markets, financial econometrics, financial time series, global financial crises.

E-mail: vpyrlik@hse.ru
Peter Meylakhs

Senior Research Fellow, International Centre for Health Economics, Management, and Policy, St.Petersburg School of Economics and Management, HSE – St. Petersburg
Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, St. Petersburg School of Social Sciences and Humanities, HSE – St. Petersburg
Research Fellow, Center for Independent Social Research, St.Petersburg
PhD in Sociology

Research Interests: netnography, sociology of health and illness, e-health, public health, cultural sociology, sociology of social problems, sociology of deviance, social aspects of drug abuse, social aspects of HIV and Hepatitis C, sociology of mass communication, socio-cultural theory of risk, social theory, and qualitative methods.

Email: peter.meylakhs@gmail.com

Iskander Yasaveyev

Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Youch Studies, St. Petersburg School of Social Sciences and Humanities, HSE – St. Petersburg
PhD in Sociology

Research Interests: Construction of social problems and deviance, sociology of mass communication, and history of sociology in Kazan.

Email: Iskander.Yasaveyev@ksu.ru

Andrey Shcherbak

Senior Research Fellow, the Laboratory for Comparative Social Research, HSE – Saint Petersburg
Associate Professor, 
Department of Political Science, St. Petersburg School of Social Sciences and Humanities, HSE – Saint Petersburg
PhD in Political Science

Research Interests: Political economy, regional studies, and youth policy.

Email: ascherbak@hse.spb.ru

Murat Apishev

MSc student at Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics, Moscow State University
Software developer BigARTM
Software developer, antispam algorithms group, Yandex

Research Interests: topic modeling, machine learning.
Anastasia Shimorina

NLP Research Engineer, CNRS, LORIA (Nancy, France)

Research Interests: Computational linguistics, lexicography, lexical semantics, and corpus linguistics.

Email: shinas@yandex.ru

Olga Mitrofanova

Associate Professor, Department of Mathematical Linguistics, Faculty of Philology, Saint Petersburg State University
PhD in Philology

Research Interests: Mathematical models of language, computational linguistics, corpus linguistics, linguistic semantics, formal semantics, and automatic lexicography.

Email: alkonost-om@yandex.ru

Kirill Maslinsky

Research Fellow, Laboratory of Sociology in Education and Science, St. Petersburg School of Social Sciences and Humanities, HSE –Saint Petersburg 
Lecturer, Department of Sociology, St. Petersburg School of Social Sciences and Humanities, HSE – Saint Petersburg

Research Interests: educational anthropology, corpus linguistics, automatic text processing, and the Soviet school.

Email: maslinych@gmail.com

Irina Nikivincze (aka Nikiforova)

Postdoctoral Fellow, the Center for Accessible Materials Innovation (CAMI), Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta, USA)

Research interests: innovation, academic achievement, decision-making, gender differences, informatics, information management, interdisciplinarity, international science, technology and innovation cooperation, recognition, science and technology studies, sociology of organizations, Bibliometrics.

: inikiforova@hse.ru

Alumni of the Internship and Volunteer Programme

Selivanova Galina

PhD student at Social and Political Sciences programme, Scuola Normale Superiore (Florence, Italy)

Research Interests: social movements, internet and social networks research, democratization, political participation.

Eleonora Kirkizh

MA in Political Science (University of Mannheim, Germany)

Research Interests: Mass communication, the Internet, social media, conflicts, and migration.

Alexey Knorre

Junior Research Fellow, Institute for the Rule of Law, European University at Saint Petersburg
MA in Sociology (European University at Saint Petersburg)

Research Interests: Automatic text analysis, sociology of science, and social theory.

Email: a.v.knorre@gmail.com

Elena Dracheva

Project Manager, Association for Co-operation with Nordic Countries ‘NORDEN’ , St.Petersburg
MA in Political Science (HSE – Saint Petersburg)

Anna Daviy

PhD student, School of Business Administration, Faculty of Business and Management, HSE
Lecturer, Department of Management, St.Petersburg School of Economics and Management

Research interests: Marketing research, marketing practices of emerging markets, and strategic marketing

Email: anna.daviy@gmail.com

Olga Dornostup

BA Student, Department of economics, St.Petersburg School of Economics and Management, HSE – St. Petersburg
Julia Pavlova

PhD student, Institute of Sociology, Russian Academy of Sciences

Research Interests: Sociology of history, historical memory, ethnography, sociology of education, Internet studies, computer processing of texts and databases, and online research.

Email: julia.v.pavlova@gmail.com

Viktoria Seneva

Manager of advertising projects, Дневник.ру

Research Interests: Educational programmes and cultural economics.

Email: vseneva@gmail.com

HSE – St. Petersburg


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