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Internet Studies Lab

Sequential and Asynchronous Strengthening of the Influence of Temperature on the Endo- and Exocytosis of Insulin in the Isolated Vertebrata Hepatocytes: Summing up Previous Studies

Kolychev A. P., Terpilovskii Maxim A., Uversky V. N.

Current Protein and Peptide Science. 2020. Vol. 21. No. 1. P. 22-35.

Book chapter
Professionalization of University Administrators and Managers: The Russian Case and the World Perspectives

Kolycheva A.

In bk.: Proceedings of the 9th International Conferences "The Future of Education" (Florence, Italy, 27-28 June 2019). Florence: Filodiritto Publisher, 2019. P. 632-637.

Working paper
Online News and Protest Participation in a Political Context: Evidence from Self-Reported Cross-Sectional Data

Nora A. Kirkizh, Olessia Y. Koltsova.

Basic research program. WP BRP. National Research University Higher School of Economics, 2018. No. WP BRP 58/PS/2018.

International Laboratory for Social and Cognitive Informatics (SCILA)

Great news! The Social and Cognitive Informatics Laboratory (SCILA) was established as a successor of the Laboratory for Internet Studies (LINIS) and builds upon its team and some of its previous research. Its founding international supervisor is Prof. Steffen Staab, the head of the Institute of Web Science and Technologies (WeST) as of the time of SCILA establishment.

LINIS at the Aleksanteri Conference

On October 23-25 the Laboratory for Internet Studies took part in Aleksanteri Conference in Helsinki.

Conference “Digital Media Research Methods” at Nazarbayev University

On October 15, the head of the Internet Studies Lab Olessia Koltsova participated in the conference “Digital Media Research Methods: Theoretical and Practical Aspects”, which was held in the young and rapidly developing Nazarbayev University (Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan).

Illustration for news: Summer with Social Media at Radboud

Summer with Social Media at Radboud

Illustration for news: Equadiff 2019

Equadiff 2019

Leiden as a place for discussion about differential equations

Illustration for news: Congratulation LINIS!

Congratulation LINIS!

Now it's official: The Fake News project was supported by the Russian Science Foundation. 

New achievements of LINIS team

It has been become such a good tradition to obtain "gifts" from HSE Academic Fund at the Christmas Eve!

Challenges of the big data era

HSE Perm campus on November 8—9 has held a seminar ‘Challenges of the big data era: a dialogue of university with business organised with the help of LINIS’ Oleg Nagornyy.

Illustration for news: LINIS on the seminar by the Young Faculty Support Program

LINIS on the seminar by the Young Faculty Support Program

LINIS’ junior research fellow Yadviga Sinyavskaya participated in the seminar by the Young Faculty Support Program held October 26—28 in Voronovo (Moscow).

LINIS on the Internet Science 2018 Conference