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Our publications

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  • Koltcov, S., Ignatenko, V., Boukhers, Z., & Staab, S. (2019). (under review)  Analyzing the Influence of Hyper-parameters and Regularizers of Topic Modelling in Terms of Renyi Entropy. Download preprint version
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  • Koltsova, O., & Pashakhin, S. (2019) Agenda divergence in a developing conflict: Quantitative evidence from Ukrainian and Russian TV newsfeeds. Media, War & Conflictdoi: 10.1177/1750635219829876 Download (PDF, 1.00 Mb) 
  • Rykov, Y., Sinyavskaya, Y., & Koltsova, O. Y. (2019). (R&R) Accumulating social capital in an online urban network: The effects of user behaviors. Social Networks. Download manuscript (PDF, 581 Кб) 
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