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Our publications

  • Rykov Y.Sinyavskaya Y.Koltsova O. Accumulating social capital in an online urban network: The effects of user behaviors // Social networks. 2019 (under review).
  • Sinyavskaya Y.Porshnev A.Koltsova O. Modeling SNS users’ social capital: the role of culture, privacy concerns and propensity to make connections. // Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication. 2019 (writing).
  • Ignatenko V., Koltcov S., Staab S. and Boukhers Z. Fractal approach for determining the optimal number of topics in the field of topic modeling // Journal of Physics: Conference Series (JPCS) (under review).
  • Koltcov S., Boukhers Z.,  Ignatenko V. and Staab S. Hyper-parameters Tuning in Topic Modeling based on Renyi Entropy and Deformed Perplexity // The WEB conference 2019 (WWW'19) (under review).
  • Selivanova G., Koltsova Olessia. Explaining Offline Participation in a Social Movement with Online Data: The case of Observers for Fair Elections //  Mobilization.  2019. Vol. 24. No. 1 (in print)
  • Nagornyy O. S. User ethnicity and gender as predictors of attitudes to ethnic groups in social media texts, in: Internet Science 2018. Springer, 2019 (in print).
  • Koltsova O. Methodological Challeges for Detecting Interethnic Hostility on Social Media , in: Internet Science 2018. Springer, 2019 (in print).
  • Koltsova O., Dokuka S., Koltsov S. Echo Chambers vs Opinion Crossroads NewsConsumption on Social Media // International Conference on Analysis of Images, Social Networksand Texts 2018. Springer LNCS series (in print).
  • Nagornyy O. S., Koltsova O. Redefining media agendas: topic problematization in online reader comments // Media and Communication (submitted to review) .
  • Mavrin A., & Filchenkov A., Koltsov S. Four Keys to Topic Interpretability in Topic Modeling, in: Proceedings of the 7th International Conference, AINL 2018, St. Petersburg, Russia, October 17–19, 2018, 117-129. DOI, download preprint version
  • Nagornyy O. S. Topics of Ethnic Discussions in Russian Social Media, in:  Digital Transformation and Global Society. Third International Conference, DTGS 2018, St. Petersburg, Russia, 2018, Revised Selected Papers. Springer, 2018.
  • Koltsov S., Pashakhin S.Dokuka S. A Full-Cycle Methodology for News Topic Modeling and User Feedback Research, in: Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics). 10th International Conference on Social Informatics, SocInfo 2018; St.Petersburg. Cham: Springer, 2018. P. 308-321. DOI
  • Koltsov S. Application of Rényi and Tsallis entropies to topic modeling optimization //  Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications . 2018. Vol. 512. P. 1192-1204. DOI
  • Ignatenko V. Homoclinic and stable periodic solutions for differential delay equations from physiology //  Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems . 2018. Vol. 38. No. 7. P. 3637-3661. DOI,  download.





  • Кольцова О.Ю., Рыков Ю.Г., Кольцов С.Н. Картирование комментовых сообществ в Живом Журнале./ Информационные системы для научных исследований: сборник научных статей. Труды XV Всероссийской объединенной конференции «Интернет и современное общество». Санкт-Петербург. 10-12 октября 2012г. – СПб., 2012. С. 239-242.



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